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I haven’t been psyced about anything Pokemon Anime related in a loooong time, that’s why I’m so glad and so suprised to find that they’re creating a series based entirely around the first games, Red and Green (or Blue). Of course, they’ve already done this, they renamed Red Satoshi (or Ash Ketchum) and he travelled around the Kanto region, usually taking twenty episodes to walk from one town to the other, and eventually travelling to the new regions and getting more Pokemon that anyone could possibly be expected to keep track off.

I’m really not a ‘Genwunner’, I actually love the second, third and fifth generations, and I do believe that Genwunism is purely a case of people romanticising the past and demonizing the future but being too stupid to realize they’re doing it, as well as basic nostalgia. But I do recognize the appeal of focusing a series or even a game on just the original 151 pocket monsters, after all there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia, and let’s be honest it’s gotten pretty messy with the amount of creatures we have now, it’s very hard to get into the new anime series because there’s so many Pokemon you don’t recognize and it feels like a twisted version of the show you once knew.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, whilst the new generations are great (apart from the fourth in my opinion) this is needed, and I’m very happy to see it.

It will be split into four episodes, creating a sort of quasi-movie.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did a sequel set in Gold and Silver, remember when the protagonist meets Red in those games? That was rad.

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